To the editor:

Why is COVID policy still haunting our kids?

I recently had COVID again and unfortunately passed it onto my youngest daughter, who tested positive on Monday, had almost zero symptoms and tested negative on Wednesday.

We returned her to school this morning, Thursday, only to be told she could not attend and we had to come and collect her. This is due to policies and guidelines our schools are following.

As we all now know, COVID had a big impact on the littlest in our society because of policies put in place by adults. The learning loss that occurred as a result has been well-documented along with psychological and developmental issues.

The fact is that severe sickness and mortality rates for minors from COVID is negligible at best, so why is our school district still excluding kids from school after they return a negative COVID test result?

Adults are free to roam, free to go to work, free to shop, free to dine out, free to do as we please. Once again, adults are causing harm and learning loss when no one else in society is adhering to or following the same guidance as we are expecting our kids to.

Seems to me we have learned nothing of the dire mistakes that were made in 2020 and 2021.

All this policy does is to encourage nontesting and nondisclosure of positive test results to schools. Is this the outcome they want?



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